Nutrition and Healing

Mainstream medicine is FINALLY coming to the realization that all fats AREN’T bad, including cholesterol.

Of course, this is after DECADES of swearing you should avoid it at all costs

It’s just the latest example of mainstream’s knack for playing “guessing games” when it doesn’t have an answer.

And one unfortunate consequence of this guessing game is that it’s led to eggs being positively demonized.

We’ve been told for years that eggs will clog up our arteries like a clump of hair in a drain pipe – and it was all GARBAGE.

According to a new study, eggs aren’t just good for you…

Avoiding them could be downright DANGEROUS for your heart health!

Don’t fall for this diet LIE

What mainstream medicine doesn’t understand is that cholesterol only becomes a problem if it gets oxidized.

In other words, your numbers could be high…

And you could still be healthy as a horse!

Now, the holistic medical community has long known that the mainstream’s been off-base on their view of cholesterol.

And eggs were a major victim.

The nutritious food got thrown into mainstream’s “bad” basket simply because they contain cholesterol; people at risk for poor cardiovascular health were told to eat egg whites and forego the yolk (where the fat AND cholesterol reside).

But a new study of over 400,000 people found that eating whole eggs every day actually SLASHES your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease!

In fact, egg eaters had an 18 percent lower risk of heart attacks and stroke compared to non-egg eaters!

In other words: you should be eating an egg EVERY DAY!

By now you know that I recommend the Paleo (a.k.a. “caveman”) diet.

It focuses on nutrient-dense meats, fish, full-fat dairy, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables…and EGGS.

So go ahead and add eggs – yolk and all – BACK to the menu.

You’ll see benefits for your heart, healthy blood sugar levels, and more!

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