Nutrition and Healing

Listen up, fellas… because this is important.

We’ve always been told that bone problems like osteoporosis are a “women’s disease.”

But I can tell you from decades of medical experience that this is DEAD WRONG.

Senior men are TWICE as likely to die from an osteoporosis-related bone fracture than women!

But there are a few easy steps you can take to steer clear of this danger.

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4 ways to prevent osteoporosis

Every one in five men will break a bone after 50, and you’ll need more than calcium to avoid it.

Yes, you’ve been told to drink calcium-loaded milk for strong, healthy bones since you were a kid.

And yes, calcium is important.

But in order to get the strongest bones, you need to add a few nutrients:

  1. Vitamin K2

Calcium goes willy-nilly all over your body. Vitamin K2 directs calcium to go where you NEED it – namely your bones. Otherwise it can go to soft tissues like your heart and kidneys.

  1. Vitamin D3

Without the sunshine vitamin, your calcium is mostly going to waste. Vitamin D3 increases calcium absorption in your gut so you can put it to use!

  1. Magnesium

Most of the magnesium in your body is stored in your bones – to the tune of 60 percent!

And it’s actually more important than calcium…

Magnesium has the capability of strengthening your bones WITHOUT increasing their risk of breaking. (Too much calcium makes bones brittle.)

  1. And don’t forget to exercise!

Are you familiar with the old saying, “if you don’t lose it, you lose it”?

That’s exactly how it is with your bones.

You need to put stress on them to keep your bones strong and healthy…

Standing as much as possible and going for walks can certainly help, but it’s even better if you add some weight training to your routine.

Now, don’t let the idea of “weight training” scare you off! I’m not telling you to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even a small amount of weight will give your bones a huge benefit.

So start out small to avoid injury. Pretty much any sporting goods store sells little hand weights that weigh as little as a pound. You can gradually work your way up from there.

I always try to encourage my older patients to take advantage of the group fitness activities at their local senior center, if they live near one.

Joining a group keeps you accountable and helps you maintain a regular schedule — and it can be a really good social activity, too!

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