Nutrition and Healing

Counting calories NEVER works long-term.

It might help you shave off the first few pounds…

But you’ll soon find yourself stuck.

It’s not your fault…

Your body’s just doing what it does best: being smart!

See, when you eat less, your body thinks you’re starving…so it starts storing fat.

That’s why counting calories won’t get you where you want to be.

The good news is a restricted diet isn’t the only – or even the BEST – option.

Far from it!

Today, I’m going to show you what you can do to CRUSH your weight loss goals this year – and you can be sure it has NOTHING to do with dieting…

The problem with calorie restriction

Dropping your calories below sustainable levels may be beneficial in the short run.

You could lose weight and decrease your risk for certain conditions.

But it’s difficult to sustain long-term; calorie restriction could easily turn into “yo-yo” dieting, which carries its own set of dangers.

Plus, a restricted diet puts you at increased risk for:

  • Serious nutrient deficiencies
  • Brittle bones that break easily
  • Abnormally low blood pressure

…and the REAL kicker?

It decreases your metabolism.

Your metabolism is KEY to losing weight — and to keeping it off.

In other words, calorie restriction is HURTING your weight loss goals in the long run by killing your metabolism!

Instead, focus on ways to boost your metabolism…

2 ways to boost your metabolism

A recent study on mice uncovered some amazing information that shows just a small amount of exercise can do WONDERS for your metabolism.

It looked at mice, because they have two brain neurons that are exactly like humans’. These two neurons affect:

  • Your appetite
  • Your blood glucose control; and
  • Your metabolism.

One of these neurons helps you lose weight; the other (NPY/AgRP) is responsible for adding inches to your waist.

Unsurprisingly, the brains of diabetics are positively swimming with NPY/AgRP.

In the study, mice exercised for 20 minutes at moderate intensity.

For such a short duration of exercise, the results were profound…

Researchers saw that the NPY/AgRP levels decreased for 2 days

Meaning exercise is far more important than previously thought.

In addition to moderate exercise, you can give your metabolism a SUPER BOOST with berberine.

Berberine, an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, is PROVEN to:

  • Help you drop pounds
  • Decrease your insulin resistance
  • Help prevent a large glucose spike after eating

Between berberine and exercise, you’ll see much better, sustainable, and healthier results than you’ll ever get with calorie counting!

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