Nutrition and Healing

If you have high blood pressure, you’ve probably been told to make a few changes…

And for the most part, these recommendations make sense:

Stop smoking…

Create a less stressful environment…

And stop drinking alcohol, just to name a few.

But there’s one recommendation the mainstream always makes that’s flat out WRONG.

They tell you to eat a low-salt diet.

Folks, contrary to what you’ve been told, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence a low-salt diet can prevent heart disease.

Here’s the truth about salt when it comes to your health…

Add flavor to your food again

Late last year, researchers reviewed all the scientific literature for studies that looked at sodium intake and heart attack risk.

And they found…only NINE studies exist, involving just 479 people!

Not only that, the studies showed decreasing sodium intake had virtually NO EFFECT on heart attack risk.

The surprises don’t stop there…

One study revealed less than 3,000 mg of sodium every day actually makes you 34% MORE LIKELY to have a heart attack!

So instead of jumping on board with the current diet trend…

(You know, the kind that changes every few years because there was never any science involved…)

You CAN enjoy salt on your food– if done correctly.

I’ll show you how!

Not just any salt will do

While sodium isn’t as damaging as the mainstream would have us believe, it’s important to pay attention to two things:

  1. The type of salt; and
  2. The amount of salt.

Processed foods and fast food are good examples of a sure way to TOO MUCH salt.

They’re LOADED with salt in the cooking process, which can actually trick your tongue into thinking there’s less salt on your plate than there actually is.

Instead, opt for foods that use little or no salt in the ingredients/cooking process. Then you can add salt to your taste once it’s on your plate!

When it comes to the type of salt you eat, beware of plain table salt. Oftentimes, it’s highly processed and laden with synthetic anti-clumping agents and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Sea salt, on the other hand, is typically dried naturally and provides key electrolytes table salt may not.

These electrolytes are actually very healthy for you!

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