Nutrition and Healing

It’s a nightmare that I witness in my medical practice every single day.

When I see a patient for the first time… usually one who has been treated by a mainstream doctor… I always ask which drugs they’re taking.

Sometimes the number is 10 or MORE!

Many of these drugs are COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY and some are just being used to control the side effects of other drugs.

And ALL of these meds come with risks that could shorten your life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me show you how EASY it can be to get off of the prescription drug carousel for good.

Victims of over-prescription BEWARE

A survey initiated by the Journal of the American Medical Association has revealed just how bad the over-prescribing problem is.

It found:

  • More than 50 percent of female Medicare recipients take five or more medications DAILY; and
  • A shocking 12 percent take ten or more!

Additionally, 60.4 percent of patients over 65 take more than one drug to treat a SINGLE condition.

This leads to increased costs  — especially troublesome if you’re on a fixed income.

More importantly, it VASTLY increases your risk for a major drug interaction.

And sure enough, we can see it play out in the numbers…

In 2006, about 8 percent of adults were at risk for a major drug interaction. Just five years later, that risk had more than DOUBLED!

There have been several high-profile cases where celebrities have DIED as a result of their doctors’ carelessness in prescribing drugs.

And it was totally preventable!

That’s right…

Your entrée of pills comes with a side dish of death.

It’s not worth it – especially when there are completely safe alternatives…

3 ways to ditch your over-prescribed pills

In almost every case, you can eliminate some meds, or in the very least cut down on the amount, by improving on one or all three of these basic foundations to good health:

  1. Adequate sleep
  2. A good diet
  3. Daily exercise

They may seem like no-brainers to you, but they’re often overlooked by mainstream docs.

For sleep, aim to get between seven and nine consecutive hours every night (and take melatonin if you need some help). Getting more or less can harm your health.

When it comes to diet, ditch every processed food you’re eating and minimize your sugar intake – including fruit.

Instead, eat lean meats, healthy oils from seeds and nuts, and plenty of vegetables. The closer you can eat to what your ancestors ate, the better off you’ll be. Hint: they ate whole foods they could find naturally. That also means you should avoid disease-promoting grains!

And for exercise, don’t think you have to go to the gym every day…

Research suggests even 30-45 minutes of brisk walking can have a MAJOR impact on your health.

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