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There are two simple rules to follow when you’re making medical recommendations to folks:

  1. Everything should be backed up by solid science; and
  2. Everything should also be backed up by real-world results.

BIG PHARMA continuously IGNORES these two rules…

And now, they’re at it yet again with their latest attempt to trick you into taking NSAIDs every day…

Can aspirin really lower your risk of stroke?

Big Pharma is proud of its latest study on aspirin…

But you need to take it with a grain of salt—let me show you why:

It’s known that women who experienced preeclampsia during pregnancy have an increased risk of cardiovascular events… including stroke – which is exactly why Big Pharma targeted them in their latest study for low-dose aspirin.

Researchers found 4,000 women with preeclampsia out of 84,000 pregnancies.

These women had a 30 percent higher chance of having a stroke; but researchers discovered that those who took aspirin at least three times a week for a year after pregnancy SLASHED their risk of having a stroke

That’s great news. But there are some important caveats here…

First, aspirin’s stroke-protecting value went away after age 60; after that point, any benefits GO DOWN THE DRAIN.

Second, aspirin has been proven ineffective in many studies. For example, a study published in The Lancet found NO DIFFERENCE between placebo and aspirin for lowering your risk of stroke.

And third, while aspirin may not help you – it can certainly HURT you…

Another study found aspirin puts you at risk for a 43 percent increase in major bleeding events.

Folks, there are much better solutions that will reduce your risk of stroke.

Remedies that actually WORK…

And that don’t put you at risk!

REAL ways to reduce your risk of stroke

At the heart of your stroke risk are your diet and exercise.

Eating paleo and exercising regularly will GREATLY REDUCE your chance of ever having a stroke.

But more specifically, you can reach for berries

Berries, especially those with dark colorful skins, contain high levels of flavonoids (a.k.a. super powerful antioxidants).

Blueberries and acai top the list. But raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and cranberries also have high amounts of flavonoids.

Now, you still want to be mindful of how many you’re eating because they do contain some sugar. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t consume more than a handful a day.

Another, more interesting option, is to donate blood every 6 months. One study even showed that Finnish men who donated blood ONCE a year reduced their risk of stroke by almost 90%!

Best yet… there are no side effects from either of these… AND the benefits will continue throughout your entire life.

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