Nutrition and Healing

There are three events that are believed to largely turn around the health of people everywhere.

  • The eradication of polio thanks to a vaccine
  • The discovery of antibiotics
  • The implementation of sanitary practices

But there’s one life-prolonging “weapon” we have that often gets overlooked.

It’s not a drug, or a major discovery.

No; it’s a POWERFUL, life-saving, anti-aging diet that’s deeply rooted in our history, yet all but shoved to the sidelines today…

Everything revolves around your diet

There’s a common misconception about how long our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived.

In 1870, the average person lived to their mid-30s. So you’d think our ancestors weren’t anywhere close to that.

But that’s NOT the case; the average lifespan was about the same as far back as Paleolithic times!

Of course, the world was a different place back then. Danger was around every corner. Humans didn’t firmly stand on top of the food chain yet. Heat… cold… illness… predators… and more… made it difficult for most hunter-gatherers to reach their teenage years.

But those who were able to navigate those dangers often survived to 68-78 years old. That’s not too far from where we currently are!

Now, medicine has helped us get more people to 80 years old, but how did our ancestors do it?

For one thing, our ancestors had to WORK for every bite of food they had…

That means lots of exercise.

But the biggest difference between now and then is what we ate.

Our ancestors didn’t farm, so they ate what they could find – lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and seeds and nuts.

That’s why we need to remember the real POWER of the Paleo diet

By eating mostly meat and vegetables like our ancestors did, I’ve seen ASTOUNDING RESULTS; not only for my patients’ overall health, but also an immediate positive impact on weight loss and increased energy.

The key is eating a diet comprised primarily of meat and vegetables – with more meat than vegetables. This is supplemented with nuts and seeds, and a small amount of fruit.

By AVOIDING processed foods, grains, and chemicals, you can SLASH your risk of disease and set yourself up for a long, healthy life.

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