Nutrition and Healing

Two disastrous initiatives will take away your healthcare choice!

Today marks the beginning of a war.

On one side, there’s the integrative medical community and the American public…

On the other, the Federal Drug Administration.

Because two new FDA initiatives aim to ROB you and your family of your patients’ right to choose medical treatments.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothes, the initiatives “sound good” on paper…

But in reality, they’ll:

  • OVERREGULATE and RUIN the nutraceutical world that I hope you respect, love, and cherish as much as I do; and
  • Force you to take MANDATORY VACCINATIONS.

Now, the FDA would have you believe it has your best interests at heart. But the reality is… BOTH these initiatives have Big Pharma’s greedy, greasy fingerprints stamped all over them!

Initiative No. 1: To cut the legs out from under the supplement industry

In the same, seven-day period, I read two incredibly disturbing press releases from the commissioner of the FDA outlining their new plans to “protect” the American public.

Let’s begin with the first.

This “Trojan horse,” issued in the form of an official FDA public statement, was captured in headlines as, “The FDA proposes overhaul of dietary supplement industry.”

When I saw the news, I have to admit a chill went down my spine.

Any time I see the words “FDA” and “supplements” paired, it makes me a nervous; throw in the word “overhaul” … and that really spells trouble.

Indeed, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD stated in an interview that this would be “one of the most significant modernizations of dietary supplement regulation in nearly three decades.”

Now, the goals of the initiative sound good on paper. The agency wants to make sure ingredients are properly listed on clear labels, and that product integrity is sound.

But the reason for my chills is I know there’s no way to accomplish these goals without broad, sweeping changes to the way that things are done now.

In fact, Gottlieb already announced new organizations that were formed due to this initiative (called the Botanical Safety Consortium, the Dietary Supplement Working Group of the FDA, and more).

I am in no way, shape or form against rules that protect the American public…

But if these agencies are going to force supplement industry to jump through more hoops and regulation…that will obviously cost a lot more money to comply.

And that means two things will happen to you:

  1. Higher prices and smaller selection.
  2. Folks who know nothing about the supplement industry will be deciding for you. You can BET these organizations WON’T be staffed with experienced integrative medical doctors and naturopaths.

No; they’ll be MAINSTREAMERS with little training in natural medicine!

This will be more about the stunting the supplement industry while driving up costs.

It is also possible that some supplements might VANISH and be unattainable.

Indeed, something conspicuous happened once the FDA’s press release came out: An outpouring of emails from the conventional medical world about the uselessness of supplements. What odd timing…

And these articles cherry-pick a few studies to highlight negative outcomes, then make the argument that ALL supplements, vitamins and minerals are negative.

I have found over the years the damaging effect of these all-enveloping articles and conclusions is that the American public really just remember the title of the article. They rarely dissect what the study really looked at, how it was done, and what was the REAL outcome.

One reason the FDA feels the need to step in is because certain supplements have been found to be laced with traces of pharmaceutical drugs.

But the FDA’s involvement here is a great example of “a few bad apples that ruin the bunch” …

On one hand, it’s scary to learn certain supplements have been found to have real “drugs” in them, and if I was the head of the FDA… I would want to make changes that limit that possibility too.

On the other, I have been to reputable manufacturing plants of supplements and you would be SHOCKED at the cleanliness and the sophistication involved.

Reputable manufacturers (and the nutraceutical companies that use them) categorically pay for preliminary and post-production batch testing on their supplements to ENSURE sterility and product integrity.

Now here’s something coincidental…

In the same week the FDA announced its initiative to overhaul the supplement industry, I also received notification of a second looming Trojan horse…

Initiative No. 2: To institute mandatory vaccinations

I found out the FDA commissioner is seriously considering mandated vaccinations for all Americans, enforced and controlled by the FDA and the U.S. government, and without much of a chance of personal choice!

Not only is that absurd, but it also makes me even MORE nervous about the supplement overhaul.

It smacks of Big Pharma involvement—and gives us a clue that the FDA isn’t acting on behalf of “public safety.” Because you have to remember:

  • It’s BIG PHARMA who loses a lot of money when a patient takes a supplement and not one of their medications; and
  • It’s BIG PHARMA who stands to make an incredible amount of money should there be a universal vaccination mandate!

Of course, the idea to push mandatory vaccinations is a timely proposition…

It stems from an increasing prevalence of the measles virus.

When Gottlieb was interviewed by some large news publications, he critiqued state laws that that allow parents and adults to have a religious or personal preference exemption from vaccines.

He proclaimed that if “certain states continue down the path that they’re on I think they’re going to force the hand of the federal health agencies.”

Believe it or not, three states (California, Mississippi and West Virginia) already do not allow for any religious exemptions or personal preference exemptions.

And now the FDA is alluding to taking the decision out of the states’ hands altogether, due to what they think is a public health “crisis.”

I’ve got a MAJOR problem with that—and so should you…

The problem with vaccinations

As some of you might know, the “original” vaccination controversy started due to the fears that vaccinations were causing certain diseases such as autism in children.

This situation boiled over in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when parents basically bombarded lawmakers with concerns and won a fight to get mercury (thimerosal) removed from all childhood vaccinations.

The mandate to phase out mercury from the vaccinations was made in 1999 alongside public statements that claimed the decision was “purely precautionary.”

The real hero in this major change was a John Hopkins doctor, Neil Haley, MD, who was the chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on infectious diseases from 1995 through June 1999.

For a long time, he was a proponent of vaccines—including those that had mercury in them.

But when he examined the data back in the late 1990s, he figured out that an UNBELIEVABLE and almost UNFORGIVABLE mathematical blunder had occurred…

In a great interview Haley did with the New York Times in 2002, he said the initial calculations of how much mercury was being given to children in each vaccination were done INCORRECTLY… and only due to parents’ outcies that something was “wrong”… he re-examined it.

As it turned out, the calculations of the true amount of mercury were MUCH HIGHER than they thought.

The terrible part about the story is that most Americans and most conventional doctors do not even realize this occurred because it didn’t make the national news it deserved.

And that lack of education has meant vaccinations are now preserved with a slightly less toxic metal: Aluminum.

What’s more, please note that all adult vaccinations still contain mercury!

I feel that vaccines can cause neurological disease, but it only occurs in certain individuals. I refer to these individuals (adults and children) who get side effects from chemicals/toxins and treatments in vaccinations as “canaries in the coal mine.”

I say that because I personally have seen the devastation that can occur to the nervous system when an individual with the WRONG genetic make-up gets a vaccination…

My most glaring example (other than children with autism) is a wonderful woman who came to me for integrative medical help because a few days after she got the shingles vaccine (the first one that included live chicken pox virus), she found she couldn’t move her legs at all.

From that day forward, she was wheel chair-bound.

And despite our teamwork and her heroic efforts, she passed about a year later from the neurological complications from the damage of that vaccine.

Folks, this is EXACTLY WHY I think it’s WRONG to force an American citizen to have a foreign substance (such as aluminum or mercury) and live or dead viruses and bacteria pumped into his or her body, without consent or choice…

The complexities of the human immune system and the varying degree of genetic detoxification defects in certain people can yield different—sometimes dangerous—outcomes!

Integrative doctors are starting to get better at testing these genetic differences, but we’re not there yet.

The other touchy issue this brings up is that the shift to the “heavy hand of the federal government” approach stems from an increase in the number of measles cases.

Now, I’m not wishing measles on anyone or any child… but my hunch is that most of the people that are reading this article have actually had measles.

And my hunch is that the majority of you that had the measles were not permanently harmed from that infection and it was instead considered a “nuisance” that your parents had to help you through.

On top of that fact, we aren’t talking about a plaque or scourge of measles; Gottlieb is talking about several hundred cases of measles in our country of over 300 million people.

Therefore, the point is that Americans and our children might lose their right to choose certain medical procedures for something that’s FAR from a public health crisis.

What you can do

Always remember: you give them an inch, and they can take a mile.

Meaning, if Americans lose their choice of the measles vaccine…

It really means that they lose their choice for all vaccines…

And who knows how far reaching a mandate like this could go?

That’s why I urge you to reach out to your congressman if you are as concerned as I am.

Let him or her know that CHOICE is vital when it comes to your health!!

Because, after all, you and your loved ones deserve to have the right to choose and be safe.


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