Nutrition and Healing

Yes, fermented foods and fiber are good for your gut.

But did you know there’s a FREE WAY you can SUPERCHARGE your probiotics—and therefore your gut health?

I’m talking major benefits to your:

  • Digestion
  • Mood
  • Immune system
  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • And more…

…without spending a THIN DIME!

Even better, this “trick” has nothing to do with your diet.

Let me show you…

The probiotics movement

Mainstream is finally on board — they will now admit your gut is at the center of your overall health.

Probiotics have now been linked to everything from your immune system to your mood.

New studies are constantly coming out because scientists are continually finding new ways the bacteria in your gut affect every part of your body.

Naturally, that means there are companies capitalizing on it…

Probiotics have even been added to chocolate bars and cereal to make them seem healthier. Certain fibers are being rebranded as a prebiotic.

There are seemingly more and more ways probiotics are trying to take a chunk out of your wallet. Many of these products have an undeniable benefit. Some are worth your money.

But you can increase your gut bacteria WITHOUT raiding your wallet.

Get your FREE probiotics right here

You’ve been told more is better when it comes to probiotics… more strains are better… and a higher CFU (colony forming units) on the bottle is what you need.

That’s true. And it’s true because you have fewer cells than the number of bacteria living in your gut. You’re outnumbered by these beneficial bugs, so you need a lot of them to make a change in your gut health.

But the HIDDEN FACT is your gut contains FAR MORE strains than you’ll find in any fermented food or probiotic supplement.

Greater gut biodiversity is a key to better health. In other words, the more types of bacteria you have, the healthier you’ll be.

That’s what makes this research VITAL to your health

An analysis was performed on 37 breast cancer survivors. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was found the women with better cardiovascular health (from exercising) had greater gut biodiversity.

What that means is you simply need to do some cardiovascular exercise.

This study reveals the KEY to exploding the population of your probiotics is to utilize oxygen efficiently.

And the best way to do that is with some heart-pumping, hard-breathing exercise.

The best ways to keep the load off your joints are to swim, bike, and run/walk. As you get stronger and better at these exercises, you’ll need to slowly increase the intensity.

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