Nutrition and Healing

Scientists have been dumbfounded for years.

See, losing weight is recommended for almost every single person in the United States. But it’s even more pressing for seniors.

What’s been troubling mainstream medicine though, is that when seniors lose weight, they also lose muscle mass… and bone density.

It makes you wonder: Are the benefits worth the risk?

A series of new studies looks into this question…and it turns out, the answer is incredibly simple.

In fact, I’ve been telling you about it for years.

By doing this ONE thing, you will drop weightmaintain muscle massand prevent osteoporosis.

Do THIS to melt fat effortlessly

Doctors were struggling to put it all together. It’s undeniable cutting calories can lead to weight loss… for a short amount of time anyway.

This is what many seniors are guilty of. And it leads to bone and muscle loss.

But it’s not entirely wrong. The key lies into the calories that you are still eating…

Researchers found that cutting calories by eating a high-protein diet helped older adults with obesity lose more weight, without the disadvantages.

In other words, the key is eating like your ancestors did.

Fill your plates with protein… vegetables… healthy fats from nuts and seeds… and the occasional fruit. And most importantly, you need to ditch processed foods and grains.

What you’ll immediately find is that you’ll be eating a lot less.

You’ll get full a lot quicker than normal. It’s a natural side effect of satiating protein and fiber from vegetables.

And as long as you get plenty of protein, you’ll save your muscle mass… and yes, your bones as well.

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