Nutrition and Healing

There are biological differences between the sexes that sometimes that causes you to ignore certain problems.

For instance, how women are vastly more likely to get breast cancer.

But when it comes to osteoporosis, commonly thought of as a “woman’s disease” …

It’s high time for guys to stop ignoring its hazards.

Because it’s on the rise in men.

Now, guys, it’s understandable if you’ve been operating under the assumption you won’t get osteoporosis.

Men are underdiagnosed when it comes to this disease.

But that doesn’t make this disease any less debilitating… or free you of any risk.

So today, I’ll show you the best ways you can PREVENT osteoporosis from ever taking hold.

The five best ways to prevent osteoporosis

There are a multitude of reasons why osteoporosis is more prevalent in women. A prevailing cause is their lack of estrogen after menopause.

That’s not exactly something you need to be worried about as a man.

But what is riskier for you is that most doctors won’t even talk to you about it… and you probably aren’t looking for it yourself.

Compared to women, men are 20 percent less likely to be diagnosed with osteoporosis – which means you need to start paying attention to it immediately.

Here’s what you can do to increase/protect your bone density and stave off osteoporosis:

  1. Exercise. Much of bone loss can be attributed to the “if you don’t use it, you lose it” mentality…

Meaning, if you’re not exercising and putting any sort of load on your bones, they’re bound to get weaker. So resistance and weight-bearing exercise is an important aspect.

Just getting your body moving can help build bone density, manage your weight, stabilize blood sugar, and keep your brain healthy. Not bad!

  1. Feed your bones. If you’re following the Paleo Diet and are eating plenty of vegetables, you’re already on the way building stronger bones. After all, plant sources are high in known bone boosters like calcium and magnesium. You should also be getting plenty of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 (ideally from the sun).

But what often gets missed is potassium.

Potassium helps reduce bone resorption. You see, when your body needs nutrients like calcium, it often takes them from wherever it can find them – like your bones.

In fact, in a two-year study, Potassium-Citrate (K-Citrate) was found to result in a significant increase in bone mass density and strength.

The best sources for this key nutrient are avocados and dark, leafy greens like kale.

  1. Magnesium. Over 70 percent of seniors are magnesium-deficient. As we age, our body doesn’t absorb it as well (not to mention, older folks are more likely to be taking meds that interfere with magnesium levels).

To fight this, take a magnesium supplement or a magnesium-containing multivitamin. You’ll want to get about 250 milligrams per day.

  1. Get plenty of sleep. A good night’s sleep gives your body the opportunity to repair itself, which restores your bones and muscle.
  2. Try growth hormone therapy. When used correctly (and not by an athlete trying to enhance their performance), it can help prevent osteoporosis. Talk to a holistic doctor about safe bioidentical growth hormone treatments to see if it’s right for you!
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