Nutrition and Healing

Stop me if any of these symptoms sound familiar:
• Unexplainable fatigue
• Weight gain
• Back pain
• Short-term memory issues
• High blood pressure
Every last one of those and a dozen more extremely common symptoms can be explained by one tiny hormone that’s circulating in your body right now… and it has everything to do with STRESS.
The good news is there’s something better for your stress than a drug or impossible-to-follow treatment plan—and this latest study proves it once and for all…
An all-natural, STRESS-BUSTING solution
For your paleolithic ancestors, life wasn’t easy…but it was simple. Hunt, gather, eat, sleep.
And in dangerous situations, use survival instincts that boil down to a quick decision between fight or flight.
For this, the body becomes flooded with cortisol—the stress hormone—by the adrenal glands.
Today, you’re likely not dealing with bear attacks or other “survival situations” in the literal sense…
No; your bears are bills coming due; that weight that just won’t shake off; the neighbor’s dog barking.
In other words, anything that gets your blood boiling or you’re worried about sends cortisol shooting through your veins.
And long-term exposure to cortisol takes a toll on your body.
It can heighten blood pressure, negatively impact your sleep, worsen your mood or outlook—and eventually lead to serious medical conditions.
But there are tactics to DITCH that cortisol that don’t involve a Big Pharma drug…
And thanks to a new study, we now have one more tool in our belts to MELT that cortisol away!
A team of scientists from the University of Michigan monitored participants over and 8-week period. Their only direction was to:
1. Spend at least ten minutes in nature…
2. At least three times a week.
They were free to choose the timing.
And the term “nature” was defined loosely—it could be ANYWHERE the participant felt like they were interacting with it, even if that’s a grass-lined sidewalk. The rules were:
• It had to be daytime; and
• They couldn’t exercise, use social media, their phones…in other words, they had to stop and smell the roses.
Participants had their cortisol levels measured before and after their experience in nature.
The result?
Cortisol levels dropped like you wouldn’t believe.
The maximum benefits were seen between 20 and 30 minutes of time in nature.
And you don’t even need to walk; it’s enough to just relax and breathe in some clean air to relieve stress without a pill.

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