Nutrition and Healing

There’s a chemical in your drinking water that’s so nasty, a movie was written about it… 

Nearly two decades ago. 

And yet, it’s still there… in amounts bad enough to create the tumors highlighted in the film Erin Brockovich 

Chromium hexane has worked its way into the water supply of over 200 million Americans – in EVERY state.  

What’s even more terrifying is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is just now trying to figure out what a safe level is. 

But I’m going to go out on a limb and say the BEST level of chromium hexane—a well-known carcinogen that causes tumors in the mouth and small intestine—is NO level.   

So what is it still doing in your water 

It’s mostly there due to shoddy industrial processes that are still being used as you read this email.  

Rest assured, there’s an easy way to get rid of it; I’ll show you today…  

Drink pure, clean water 

Your first option is to buy a reverse osmosis filter 

It can help remove almost any contaminant, but make sure it’s CERTIFIED to remove hexavalent chromium.  

There’s another option you can try – one that will also give you a ton of benefits.. 

A recent study using hexavalent chromium on human cells found two antioxidants can DESTROY this bad form of chromium 

They’re two you’re probably well acquainted with:  

  1. Vitamin C  
  1. EGCG (from green tea) 

Further research is being done on the possibility of treating at-risk water sources with these two to lower the risk of cancer. 

But you can get the benefits right away… 

Simply brew green tea or squeeze some lemon juice in your water before you drink your water 

Make sure to give it a few minutes to take effect before drinking.   

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