Nutrition and Healing

Parkinson’s disease (PD) and I have a rather personal relationship… 

It’s a relationship I never wanted to get into.  

Unfortunately, I’m hardly the only one. PD is more common than ALS, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy combined.  

But there’s good news to be had, and I want to share it with you today... 

See, I’ve been able to keep Parkinson’s at bay by avoiding unhealthy processed foods and other toxins that can help speed up the disease. 

But I’m always looking for the next big thing that can help me beat back Parkinson’s—and that’s what I want to share with you today… 

A new study has put its finger on one nutrient that SLASHES your risk of developing Parkinson’s—and slows the disease if you already have it.  

SUPERSTAR nutrient in the fight against Parkinson’s 

Scientists believe a certain enzyme may be a main reason you can contract PD. Now, understand that it’s not just this simple; there are a lot of other factors.  

It’s led researchers to a well-known neuroprotective vitamin – one that you’re almost certainly deficient in: vitamin B12.  

See, B12 inhibits the Parkinson’s-causing enzyme…  

Meaning that loading up on the vitamin can help to STAVE IT OFF completely—especially folks who have Parkinson’s in their family! 

And folks who already HAVE the disease could use B12 to help slow its progression (and prevent its symptoms). 

Of course, long-time Health e-Tips readers know the story by now…  

As you age, your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals drops significantly. But for vitamin B12, that’s especially true... 

Without an optimized gut or enough stomach acid, your ability to absorb it bottoms out. It’s so bad, the Institute of Medicine recommends you take a vitamin B12 supplement if you’re over 50. 

But I can do you one better… 

First, a growing body of scientific evidence shows nutrition plays a key role in slowing PD’s progression (or conversely, in speeding it up!).  

Cutting out processed foods is one of the BEST ways to prevent PD or slow its progression—not to mention preventing or slowing a number of other conditions. I recommend the Paleo Diet as a wonderful way to get this done. 

Second, you can try to get plenty of vitamin B12 from your food. However, it’s only present in meat. Organ meats are the best source, hands down. Eggs and fatty fish are also good sources. 

And finally, yes—you can (and should) BOOST your protection by turning to a vitamin B12 supplementbut you can be SMART about it 

There are two different types of B12 to choose from—so, with my patients, I usually try to ascertain if they are under-methylating or over-methylating 

Then, I give either the methylated form (methylcobalamin) or non-methylated form (hydroxycobalamin). 

Work with your holistic doctor to find out which category you fall into, and if you want more on this topic, see Dr. Bill Walsh’s work in the book Nutrient Power. 

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