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What’s said about breakfast changes so frequently, it can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest.  

I can tell you – with confidence – that nearly everything you’ve heard is wrong, wrong, wrong.  

The breakfast of champions is NOT a cereal.  

Even those cereals that say they’re heart-healthy… Well, they have the required amount of fiber to be able to put that on their boxes, but the leading brand has an additional 17 carbs in every SINGLE CUP!  

Do yourself a favor and just stay away. 

So what is the healthiest option? 

Berries and other fruit paired with oatmeal are a known healthy, popular choice 

It’s no wonder; berries are on the list of acceptable Paleo foods. Add toast or oatmeal and you may think you have the perfect breakfast.  

But a new study may surprise you 

Researchers set out to find a diabetes-friendly breakfast that won’t cause a blood sugar spike in the morning. 

They tested two different meals: oatmeal and fruit VS an omelet (low-carb, high fat).  

And guess what? 

Eggscommonly vilified as one of the worst foods–won out by a landslide! 

The oatmeal and fruit group experience a huge blood glucose spike. Worse yet, throughout the day, they continued to crave sweet and savory foods. In simple terms, a breakfast featuring oatmeal and fruit is one of the WORST ways to start your day. 

On the other hand, eggs provide a low-glycemic response that set you up for success – and that’s just the beginning of their benefits 

The humble egg 

For every article about egg’s benefits, there seems to be one that trashes its reputation. But what’s indisputable is the egg’s nutritional profile.  

Like mentioned above, eggs are packed with protein and fat that can help keep you full for hours – without impacting your blood sugar levels. 

Not only that, but they keep your vision clear with lutein and zeaxanthin, rare antioxidants that are hard to come across anywhere else.  

Plus, they have selenium and chromium to help armor your brain against Alzheimer’s.  

The key to getting all of these benefits is to eat both the yolk AND the egg whites. 

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