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There is NO known cure for Parkinson’s disease 

I’ve been dealing with it for decades now. Trust me, if a cure was found, I’d be first in line. 

For many, this all-to-common disease is debilitating to the point where even standing up seems impossible.  

So it’s no surprise Big Pharma sees nothing but dollar signs if they can find a cure.  

But don’t bite just yet… 

There’s more to this “cure” than meets the eye, and I’ll REVEAL it all today. 

Then, I’ll show you five PROVEN steps that help keep Parkinson’s under control you can start doing right away. 

Big Pharma fails yet again 

Tracking down exactly what causes Parkinson’s disease has been extremely elusive.  

Symptoms differ from person to person; oftentimes, the symptoms seem like entirely other diseases.  

Your loss of smell might be due to a stuffy nose from allergies or the flu.. 

Trouble with your knee might just be arthritis.. 

Muscle tremors might just be a lack of magnesium 

You get the point.  

Now, Big Pharma execs think they’ve found a way to wipe everything off the chalkboard.  

There’s been a lot of chatter that the blood pressure drug, isradipine, might help reverse Parkinson’s.  

And who knows—lots of doctors out there get so desperate, they might try it. 

But this is one “hail Mary” to avoid…  

When a recent study put the drug to the test, participants saw NO PROGRESS after THREE YEARS. 

Imagine putting your hope in a cure for three years and getting nothing out of it 

Especially when you can get measurable results quickly by taking a handful of small measures.  

Keeping Parkinson’s at bay 

  1. Avoid toxins and heavy metals 

I firmly believe this is the best place to start. Avoid unhealthy processed foods and other toxins by eating organic.  

Can’t afford organic? 

Do a Google search for “The Dirty Dozen” list for 2019. Those are the twelve foods that are the WORST OFFENDERS in terms of exposing you to the nasty chemicals. Maximize your spending get the best impact on your health by going organic on just those twelve! 

Additionally, get an air filter for your home that’s certified to remove toxins, use non-toxic cookware (like cast-iron), and ditch aluminum-loaded antiperspirants. 

  1. Get plenty of NAC and omega-3s 

Omega-3s can ease inflammation and many of the symptoms from Parkinson’s. Mind your sources though.. 

Larger fish are likely to have mercury and PCBs. Choose smaller fish like sardines, or get mercury-free salmon or supplements. 

NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) helps produce your body’s master antioxidant, glutathione. It’s a whiz at helping your body remove toxins. 

  1. Exercise 

 My favorite exercise is with a TheraCycle. It’s low impact, high reward and also helps improve manual dexterity and motor skills.  Many physical therapy locations and gyms stock these 

 However, if you can’t find one, try an exercise that makes you sweat. Sweating is a great way to move toxins out of your system! 

  1.  Vitamin D 

Like most diseases, inflammation is believed to be at the root of Parkinson’s. So get some daily sunshine or a vitamin D3 supplement to help reduce inflammation. As a bonus, it’ll boost your immune system. 

  1. Probiotics 

Your gut is the center of your health. It’s where you break down your food and assimilate nutrients. Without good gut health, you’re not getting everything you can out of your food. A high-quality probiotic can help remedy that.  

High-quality means it has many different types of probiotics and a CFU (colony forming units) in the BILLIONS. 

If you follow this to the letter, you still won’t be able to cure your Parkinson’s.  

But it will keep help to keep it under control.  

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