Nutrition and Healing

If you find yourself needing to stay close to the bathroom… 

Feel a slight burn when you urinate… 

And notice your urine is a bit cloudy… 

You probably have a UTI 

Cranberry juice is a relatively well-known natural remedy for this problem; after all, it’s been proven time and again in studies to be a powerful UTI-zapper 

But finding a quality source can be like navigating a mine field  

Juice is problematic because it often contains sugar – which completely destroys any benefits you might experience. 

Or, what you bought turns out to be some kind of “cranberry cocktail” that contains hardly any cranberry juice in it at all.  

Well, scientists have just found a much easier way for you to pee comfortably again... 

What scientists learned from pigs 

As you know, pigs are one of the best animals to use in studies because they’re very “close” to humans. There’s even serious science devoted to using a pig’s heart for a human transplant.  

Any testing on them is a good indicator it’ll work the same way for us.   

And in a brand new study, researchers gave pigs cranberry juice to cure their UTIs. What they found was NOT what they expected...  

You see, cranberry works so well because it prevents bacteria from adhering to the urethra. Up until this point, the antioxidants in cranberries were believed to be the driving force behind this.  

But when scientists put it under the microscope, they found it wasn’t antioxidants at all.. 

It was a complex carbohydrate instead!  

The complex carbohydrate scientists discovered at the root of cranberry’s benefits is an oligosaccharide 

At first glance, it looks like a sugar, but it’s more similar to cellulose—and more familiar to you as fiber.  

Oligosaccharides are best found in sources like Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, leeks, and asparagus 

But you can also find them in supplements under the names FOS, GOS, and inulin.  

You’ll also find them in exceptional probiotics that don’t require refrigeration (and a few that do).  

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