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I get it. 

There are few things that feel worse than laying in bed, tossing and turning every single night, knowing full-well you’re probably going to have a bad day. And that tomorrow is going to be just as bad. 

And since you’re a reader of my Health e-Tips, you know that not getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night is just setting your body and mind up for failure.  

That’s a lot of stress to handle!  

It can make sleeping pills seem like a good solution. You’ll take a pill, go off to dreamland, and wake up bushy and bright-eyed.  

But the truth is, those pills are doing a lot more than putting you to sleep—and I don’t mean in a beneficial way…   

Mainstream’s WORST sleep solution yet (And an alternative that WORKS) 

The FDA has mandated sleeping pills now must carry infamous black box warnings...  

These are warnings put in black boxes directly on the packaging to make sure you don’t just glance over it.  

They’re serious as a heart attack. 

The FDA’s move comes hot on the heels of several reports of rare but severe injuries and deaths resulting from RISKY pill-induced behaviors like:   

  • Sleepwalking 
  • Sleep driving 
  • Unsafe use of equipment, like stoves 
  • And more! 

Worse yet, you’re at risk the FIRST TIME you take a sleeping pill.  

It can happen without warning—and you may not get a second chance.  

Trust me when I say you can do better... 

As I mentioned earlier, not being able to get to sleep is stressful. That stress, and any you experienced throughout the day, is part of the reason you’re unable to sleep.  

India’s holistic medicine system, Ayurveda, found in the solution in an adaptogena natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress 

And there’s none better to help you relieve stress AND get to sleep than Ashwagandha. 

Sure, it might be difficult to spell, but it works very simply: The herb works with your body’s hormones to naturally put you to sleep.  

There are no side effects…you won’t have to worry about setting yourself on fire or driving without your eyes open, for instance 

And Ashwagandha has been proven in MULTIPLE STUDIES to help you get shuteye soon after you shut off the lights.  

You can find the herb at nearly any health food store or supplement shop. Though it won’t harm you, start off at the smallest dose possible until you find what gets you to dreamland. 

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