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What would life be like 

…Without stress? 

…If you weren’t in pain all day, every day? 

…If you could get some sleep without tossing and turning? 

There have been a number of brain drugs that have tried to account for all these – and failed miserably.  

Without fail, they also expose you to any number of dangerous risks.  

Thankfully, there’s an all-natural “drug” that offers a BETTER WAY to relieve pain, anxiety, and neuropathy 

And the best part is, a BREAKTHROUGH new study finds these benefits can continue well into your golden years! 

Mother Nature’s brain drug 

The study, which involved 204 seniors with an average age of 81, finds that medical marijuana has astounding benefitswith virtually no side effects.  

In fact, a whopping 69 percent of patients experienced some type of benefit, including: 

  • Chronic pain relief 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety 
  • Better sleep 
  • And more. 

Participants took tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the main active ingredients in cannabis, in various ratios for roughly four months. They did so either orally (as a tincture, capsule, or electronic vaporizer).   

Only 34 percent experienced minor side effects like sleepiness and balance problems. And when the dose was adjusted, those dropped to 21 percent.  

But there’s a way to drop that down even further and STILL get the benefits... 

After reading the study, it seems like a no-brainer: CBD oil. 

With CBD, you get all the benefits of THC-laden marijuana without the psychoactive side effects that can leave you feeling “dopey.” 

Multiple studies have looked at the ability of CBD oil to lessen pain sensations.. 

For example, we’ve used Normast (natural palmitoylethanolamide) for nerve pain and other neurological conditions, even multiple sclerosis. 

In Canada and in Sweden, an inhalant drug containing CBD and THC is prescribed for the treatment of pain due to MS. 

And in a 2016 study in the European Journal of Pain, researchers used a 4 percent CBD gel on rats who were given arthritis. After four days, there was a significant reduction in pain behavior and inflammation, without any noticeable side effects. 

But the right amount of CBD alone, or CBD-THC ratio, is very individualized to your own body and the conditions you’re trying to relieve. 

Additionally, finding a reliable source of CBD is challenging with so much chatter on the internet. 

In my practice, we use a standardized tincture from a company we have experience with (always use a supplier you can trust), and we’re starting to use a topical form for joint and muscle pains. 

That’s why I highly recommend working with your doctor to get the best results.  

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