Nutrition and Healing

Your body is 60 percent water.

Your brain and heart contain about 73 percent water; your lungs, 83 percent.

It’s no wonder staying hydrated is vital to good health.  

But for many, it’s difficult to get the roughly eight glasses a day your body needs. 

Not only that, other, more flavorful drinks are tempting…

Or they claim attractive health benefits.

But a new study shows just how careful you need to be when you’re taking a sip of anything other than regular water…

The truth about “healthy” juices

A team of researchers in France evaluated sugar-sweetened beverages and what they discovered is nothing short of SHOCKING…

There’s a CLEAR link between 100 percent fruit juices and your risk of developing cancer. 

They analyzed data of 101,257 HEALTHY adults with an average age of 42 years. Nine years later, they found cancer popping up most frequently in people drinking sugary beverages. 

After adjusting for various factors, they discovered an 18 percent increased risk of cancer in these people. All this sugar gets stored in visceral fat — most notably around your liver and pancreas.

Most alarming is the small amount they had to drink to up their risk of cancer… 

Just 100 ml or a little over THREE OUNCES is enough to raise your risk of overall cancer and boost your risk of breast cancer by 22 percent!

In other words, it doesn’t take much at all.

A single can of soda has nearly FOUR times the amount noted in the study!

But a 12-ounce glass of 100 percent juice can have the SAME EFFECT. 

To your body, it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking soda or juice—it all has the same effect.

Try these alternatives instead

As good as it can be for you, fruit still contains sugar. 

And when you drink a glass of juice, you completely miss out on benefits like fiber… and you allow the sugar to slip directly into your system completely unchecked. The same goes for vegetable juices. 

So if you are going to drink either, make sure you include the whole fruitfiber and all. 

When it comes to what to drink, of course water is still the best choice. But you knew that much already.

Jazz it up by adding a few slices of lemon or lime.

Or have a cup of tea!

Tea is high in antioxidants that are known to prevent cancer. In fact, green tea is particularly effective at destroying breast cancer. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is an antioxidant that can shrink tumors and actually cause them to DIE.

Not only that, it can slash your risk of heart disease and dementia, and even strengthen your bones!

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