Nutrition and Healing

Those of you closely following Health e-Tips already know your gut is at the center of the health. 

In previous issues, we’ve discussed how improving gut health can:

  • Melt pounds right off your body—effortlessly
  • Brighten your mood
  • Clear out your arteries
  • Fight everything from a cold to cancer
  • And more.

And now there’s a new finding that hits particularly close to home… 

See, I’ve been fighting Parkinson’s disease for over a decade.

I’ve been able to keep it under control thanks to the Paleo diet, exercise, and key supplements.

But of course, if you can avoid the disease, that’s your best bet. 

And new research suggests at least in some cases, Parkinson’s is entirely PREVENTABLE. 

In fact, it’ll it only takes a few simple steps to possibly STOP Parkinson’s from ever taking hold.

Folks, if I can help even a SINGLE PERSON avoid getting this disease, all this is worth it!!

And the way to do it has everything to do with your gut health…

Breakthrough study could help prevent 10% of PD cases

According to specialists, 10 percent of folks can prevent the autoimmune disease from cropping up in the first place.

Here’s what I mean…

About 10 percent of PD cases are actually caused by gene mutations in the genes coding for proteins such as PINK1 and Parkin. 

Folks with these mutations end up developing Parkinson’s at a much younger age. 

However, in mouse models, these same mutations have never generated disease symptoms—leading many researchers to conclude that mice can’t be used in the study of PD.

Now, that’s all changed…

Because in the new study, scientists realized a KEY DIFFERENCE between the mice used for studies verses how humans live in the real world.

See, lab mice live in a germ-free environment.

Compare to the guts of humans, which interact with a multitude of infectious microorganisms like bacteria.

So for the first time, the researchers did a test:

They used bacteria that cause mild intestinal symptoms to infect the lab mice who model the human population with the PD-causing mutation. 

Sure enough, it triggered PD-like symptoms in these animals later in life.

For this 10 percent, preventing inflammation in the gut EARLIER in life means preventing Parkinson’s LATER in life!

And preventing inflammation is DEFINITELY something I show you how to do… 

Eliminating Parkinson’s before it starts

The best place to start is by removing as much sugar from your diet as possible. 

See, in your gut, there are essentially two types of bacteria: “good” and “bad.”

And when you ingest sugar or foods like bread, pasta, and rice, these carbohydrates feed the bad bacteria in your gut. 

This allows them to take over and KICK OUT the GOOD bacteria. 

When this happens, it’s called dysbiosis—and it’s the root of many diseases.

Remove the sugar, and you remove the bad bacteria’s food source; it starts dying off.

But having them die off isn’t enough…

You have to help the good bacteria proliferate and RECLAIM the space the other bacteria emptied out from. 

You can do that in two ways: 

  1. By eating plenty of fiber; and 
  2. By taking a high quality probiotic.

Fiber is the preferred food of good bacteria. You’ll help ensure it continues to win the fight against bad bacteria and keep it… and inflammation… at bay.

Plus, when you take a probiotic with multiple strains and a CFU in the BILLIONS, you’ll kick start the process of replacing the bad bacteria with good.

Note that eating fermented foods will give you an even a higher amount of probiotic and strains. Examples include sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt.

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