Nutrition and Healing

Side effects aside, the REAL problem with cancer is how resilient it is. 

It grows fast.

It can JUMP from organ to organ…

All while HIDING from your immune system.

Worse yet, you rarely have any clue when it takes hold…and begins to try and DESTROY your body. 

And if you have THIS superefficient “killer” cancer, not even chemotherapy can completely knock it out. 

But there is something that can…

This cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) accounts for over 30 percent of leukemia diagnoses. 

The chances you’re going to live five years after getting diagnosed is incredibly low. You have less than a 1-in-4 chance of survival.

Now, mainstream medicine will tell you it’s treatable with chemotherapy. And it is. 

But other than the side effects, there’s another MAJOR PROBLEM: 

If you DO manage to successfully rid your body of AML symptoms, you’re NOT in the clear. 

This is a truth that’s incredibly well-known by mainstream medicine. In fact, they’re working on finding a way to stop AML from reappearing. 

A new study by the German Cancer Research Center recently found how this common type of leukemia essentially “plays possum,” just waiting for an opportunity to attack you again.

These cancer cells are able to suppress a key molecule so your immune system goes right by them… 

It’s like turning off a security camera. Your immune system has NO CLUE these AML cancer cells are hiding in plain sight!

They do this by producing a high amount of PARP1. 

And now that these German scientists have figured out what causes it, they’re looking to create a drug that can stop it…

Only, there’s no need to…because nature already has an answer.

A certain antioxidant can BREAK THROUGH cancer’s defenses and prevent AML from ever popping up again…

Killing cancer…from the inside

Quercetin, a plant pigment (flavonoid) found in many foods and plants, is a PARP inhibitor. 

That means it can keep your body’s security cameras pointed DIRECTLY AT any leukemia cell in your body…and help your immune system OBLITERATE them.

Quercetin has even already been tested against myeloid leukemia cells. It was found to both kill cancer cells and prevent it from occurring in the first place.

In this case, quercetin was put to the test against cells in a petri dish, but the science and results are UNDENIABLE… 

Quercetin is available as a supplement, but it’s also concentrated in broccoli, red onions, kale, and berries.

Now, if you’re already undergoing chemotherapy, you can’t stop immediately — nor should you without a thorough discussion with your doctor. 

But you can start taking IVC (intravenous vitamin C) to help eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy. 

Plus, IVC can shrink tumors—so you have a much better shot of fighting off cancer and WINNING your battle.

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