Nutrition and Healing

Do you look fondly back on big summer peaches and wonder what happened to them?

There was just something different… tastier… juicier…a brighter flavor. 

They sure don’t make them like they used to!

But I’m not just saying that to be cliché…

They REALLY DON’T make them like they used to. 

Not just peaches. It’s apples, cherries, broccoli… There isn’t a single bit of produce that hasn’t changed over decades, and for the WORSE. 

See, there’s a SECRET WAR being waged against your produce and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

It’ll keep knocking down nutrient levels in the food we eat more and more. 

Today, I’ll show you what you can do about it… 

Where have all the nutrients gone?

As you know, plants get nutrients from the soil. Only today’s soil isn’t the same as it used to be. The more food is grown in the same area, the more the nutrients get depleted.

The more you grow the same plants on the same land without putting anything back in, the more nutrients aren’t replenished. 

And here’s where that’s gotten us…

A comparison of 12 common, fresh vegetables from 1975 vs. the same 12 in 1997 were shown to have lost:

  • 37 percent iron
  • 27 percent calcium
  • 21 percent vitamin A
  • 30 percent vitamin C

And that’s just the tip of the carrot… 

Iron, magnesium, calcium and more are slowly vanishing from your produce.

Plus, in an ironic twist of fate, plant “food” is killing their nutrients. Plants need CO2 to live. But rising CO2 levels are going to drop the levels of: 

  • Protein by 19.5 percent
  • Iron by 14.4 percent
  • Zinc by 14.6 percent

Now, the researchers say agricultural advancements might be able to mitigate the negative effects, but one thing is abundantly clear: You can’t SOLELY rely on your food to give you what you NEED.

Along with not eating enough vegetables every day, this is a HUGE reason there are so many nutrient deficiencies across the U.S.!

How to compensate for lost nutrients

There are no guaranteed values of nutrients in any food. Nutrient levels can differ from one farm to the next — even if they’re neighbors! 

And with nutrient levels only decreasing, it can seem impossible to know what you’re missing out on—and to ever hope to get enough out of your diet. 

But I can assure it that it is not. Fruits and vegetables are still packed with nutrients… 

However, you should eat organic whenever possible. 

Organic foods typically have to fend for themselves rather than relying on chemical herbicides and pesticides. That means valued nutrients like antioxidants, especially phenols in the skin of the produce, are MUCH HIGHER than their conventional counterparts. 

Though organic produce is going to be better for you, I still recommend taking a multivitamin. 

The best is going to be a whole-food multivitamin. This type of multi gives you the nutrients you need along with the bioactive ingredients from the whole plant. 

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