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There are few cancers more terrifying than pancreatic.

It often won’t show symptoms until it’s too late. And even if it does, they’re so common you’d think they’re relatively harmless, like:

  • Yellowing eyes and skin
  • Brown urine
  • Light-colored stools

Even worse, pancreatic cancer tumors are special

They know how to build a protective shield around themselves—making treatment near IMPOSSIBLE.

Mainstream is hard at work trying to come up with drug treatments that won’t kill you themselves in the process…

But they’re ignoring a PROVEN natural cure that’s sitting right in front of their faces!

I’ll show you today…

Mainstream medicine’s proposed cure

As I mentioned, pancreatic tumors are special. They cover themselves in stroma, a layer of connective tissue.

This makes them virtually invincible to chemotherapy drugs. Even the harshest drugs can’t break through this stroma before becoming too toxic for your body to handle.

The chance these drugs will backfire on you outweighs any benefits.

That’s why new research is focused on creating a weaker, less toxic drug that can stick around in your body for longer and ALSO break through that stroma.

That sounds like a great idea…

Unfortunately, while mainstream medicine searches for this hypothetical drug, they’re blatantly ignoring a natural solution—one that’s already PROVEN to be safe.

How to BLOW UP pancreatic tumors

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants and immune boosters known to man. There are just two problems:

1) Your body can’t make it. You have to get it from your diet.

2) There’s only so much oral vitamin C your body can absorb.

In other words, you can’t eat tons of oranges or take piles of vitamin C pills. It won’t do you any good once you get past 1 gram.

However, there’s a way around this—and it’s the KEY to breaking down pancreatic tumors…

Even against such a formidable foe, intravenous vitamin C (IVC) can make a big difference.

IVC puts a large dose of vitamin C right into your bloodstream.

Since it’s free-flowing, non-toxic, and can stay in your body for longer…

It’s EXACTLY what mainstream medicine is looking for!

Not to mention, IVC is able to slip right past the stroma and attack the tumor. Now, there’s no guarantee it can completely eliminate the tumor, but it CAN shrink it to a manageable size.

What’s more, IVC treatment has been proven time and again to dampen the side effects from chemotherapy, making it truly a win-win solution.

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