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You’ve probably known since you were a child that mercury harms your brain.

It’s why hatters were known to go mad, after all.

And it’s why some scientists make the toxic effects of mercury their life’s work.

Now, these researchers have uncovered something SHOCKING…

It has to do with the amount of mercury in the food we eat—and how the DAMAGE could be much WORSE than we think!

How much mercury is in fish?

There’s no doubt about it—we’ve long been polluting our oceans.

That has a number of insidious effects.

One of the WORST is the impact on the fish we eat!

See, fish swim in these polluted waters, gobbling up mercury in every bit of food they eat.

And unfortunately, that’s SKYROCKETED the mercury levels of one of the fish we eat the MOST: tuna.

The mercury levels in tuna have gone up FASTER than we can pollute the ocean!

As a top predator, tuna fish naturally have high levels of methylmercury; the more fish they eat, the more mercury they absorb.

But from 2012 – 2017, the mercury in tuna increased by about 3.5 percent EVERY YEAR! Even more surprising is the fact that there was actually less mercury in the water.

Researchers in a new study discovered the reason behind this head-scratcher…

They found that ocean temperatures are rising (thanks to pollution). And the hotter the ocean gets, the more calories predatory fish like tuna, cod, and dogfish need to expend to catch and eat other fish.

Since they need more calories, they eat more fish…

Which means there’s MORE MERCURY in your tuna fish sandwich compared to a decade ago!

Using the tuna model as an example, the researchers further discovered a one-degree Celsius increase will lead to a 32 percent increase in levels of mercury in cod… a whitefish you’ve likely eaten since you were a child.

That puts you at a HIGHER RISK for:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Impaired speech and walking
  • Poor memory

That’s why I want to show you how to AVOID these brain-killing effects by taking the following two steps…

2 ways to DITCH mercury

  1. The first thing you can do to reduce your mercury intake is to choose smaller fish like herring, sardines, and anchovies. Smaller fish do not absorb large amounts of mercury. However, you can also find mercury-free salmon and other larger, tasty fish. Just be sure to check before buying them.
  2. You undoubtedly already have mercury in your system — whether that’s from fish, the environment, or your “silver” fillings.

To SLASH those levels, there are two foods you can turn to

The first is algae. It’s called chlorella and it’s able to REMOVE mercury from your bones and muscular system. You should have no trouble finding it in your local health food store.

The second is cilantro—an herb that costs virtually nothing, and tastes great when added to almost anything. This green miracle worker can detox heavy metals—including mercury!

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