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The dreaded heart attack.

It’s something nightmares are made of.

The suddenness of pain that wells up in your chest… travels to your arm…and changes your life.

But if you’ve survived a heart attack—or are at high risk for a first one—you NEED to keep reading

Because I’ve got one, simple trick you can do starting right away to help GUARANTEE it won’t happen again.

How to HEAL a broken heart

Once you’ve had a heart attack, your heart is damaged; in fact, 75 percent of sudden cardiac deaths occur in people who’ve had at least one heart attack.

Now, that may sound like a death sentence…

But there’s something you can do to DRASTICALLY reduce this risk!

Recent research reveals a remarkable way to improve heart health… and lower the risk of recurrent heart problems.

A study done at the University of Colorado finds that exposure to intense light vastly strengthens the heart.

First, researchers saw it in mice. Intense light therapy gave mouse heart tissue extra protection when it experienced issues with oxygen, as it would during a heart attack.

Next, the researchers saw the SAME heart-protective effect in human volunteers

Participants were exposed to 30 minutes of intense light, for five consecutive mornings.

The findings suggest that if light therapy is given regularly after a heart attack—when one is at a heightened risk for another event—it could have a huge protective effect.

In other words, if you’re having a SECOND heart attack, previous exposure to light can keep your ticker pumping even when it’s supposed to STOP.

The same idea applies for folks going into cardiac surgery, or even to those with heart disease in general.

Of course, the sun is the BEST way to get this form of intense light. In addition to the heart benefits, you’ll also get plenty of health-boosting vitamin D.

But if you live in a place or have a lifestyle where you can’t simply step outside for 15 minutes, consider a light box

We’ve already seen plenty of research backing light box therapy as a great way to:

  • Beat depression
  • Restore energy levels
  • Boost testosterone
  • And more.

Now, we can tack heart attack prevention onto that impressive list!

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