Nutrition and Healing

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good nap!

Whatever the time of day, it just feels great to sneak in a little shuteye.

And with all the hubbub about how good it is to stay active, it’s nice to know that getting some extra rest is good for you too…

Because a new study shows that napping can have an amazing—and surprising— benefit for your health.

Sleep away your health problems

As it turns out, taking a nap just once or twice a week can prevent:

  • Heart attack…
  • Stroke…
  • And even heart failure!

Let’s take a look at the proof.

You see, previous studies had been done to see if there was a connection between heart health and napping, but nothing conclusive had been discovered.

Until now…

In this new study, researchers in Switzerland took a look at heart events in 3,462 people to see if there was a connection between taking naps and preventing heart attacks.

And what they found was ASTOUNDING.

Taking 1-2 naps a week was linked to lowering chances of heart attack, stroke, or heart failure by a whopping 48 PERCENT.

That’s right—you can protect your heart simply by adding in a siesta one to two times a week!

Isn’t it great when the remedy is something you actually WANT to do?

But there’s even BETTER news: there was no connection between the results and how LONG the naps should be.

Sure, you don’t want to sleep the day away, but it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about when to get up… that is unless it’s dinner time!

So take some time to stretch out on the couch— or maybe even a hammock— and soon you’ll be on your way to cutting your heart health risk in half.

To your health,

Dr. Glen S. Rothfeld, M.D.

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