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It’s the LEAST wonderful time of the year…

Flu season.

And it’s hurtling towards us at lightning-speed.

I don’t have to tell you that the flu is something you want to avoid at all costs, especially if when you’re a senior!

And with stronger strains appearing every day, it’s important you take as many precautionary measures as possible.

Well today, I have just the thing…

And it may be the ONLY precautionary measure you have to take!

A tiny— but strong— defense force

I’m talking about elderberry.

This delicious berry has taken off recently as a POWERFUL immune booster.

But it’s no “new” remedy— it’s been used for centuries to fight off the nastiest diseases.

And it’s JUST as powerful today as it was back then.

In a new study out of Australia, scientists have discovered that elderberry has just about everything you can ask for in an immune booster, including antioxidants, cytokines, and more.

But before we tackle those, let’s take a closer look at the study.

The researchers took elderberry juice and applied it to cells that had been infected with the flu virus.

And what happened next is ASTOUNDING:

The elderberry juice blocked the virus. Completely.

It singled out the proteins of the virus and shut them down.

And what caused it? Its color.

That’s right— the same cells that give it its vibrant purple color are what make elderberry a flu-fighting machine.

But the researchers discovered something else.

Remember those cytokines I mentioned earlier?

These little compounds do something pretty miraculous… they join the ranks of your immune system just like military reinforcements…

Making your immune system is as secure as a fort.

And there’s even a force behind these…

See, antioxidants provide a protective barrier against harmful invaders, while also repairing oxidative damage.

The best part is, it’s easy as elderberry pie to get this remedy for yourself.

You can find elderberry in either syrup or supplement form. Since it’s so popular, you can find it almost anywhere.

Start by checking your local pharmacy or your favorite health foods store.

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