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Kitchen spice ERADICATES diabetes at the source

Diabetes can take over… and even WRECK… your life in a hurry.

You’re stuck popping those dangerous drugs every day.

Tack on daily blood sugar tracking, a strict diet, and frequent doctor visits – and the laundry list of inconveniences really add up.

And even with all this work, you still have to worry about serious complications like blindness, losing a limb, or even death.

But the latest research shows how one, simple kitchen spice can put your worries in the rearview mirror.

Lower your blood sugar NATURALLY

This spice has already proven itself to be a “miracle” remedy – helping folks reverse arthritis, heart disease and even cancer.

I’m talking about curcumin.

Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric. The yellow spice is in everything from mustard to curries.

And researchers have found that it lowers both your blood sugar and insulin levels – even after a sugar-rich meal.

Here’s how they figured it out…

Australian researchers had participants eat a sugary, high carb meal: two pieces of white toast with peanut butter and chocolate milk.

That’s practically a dessert!

The folks who ate this meal with a placebo had high levels of both insulin and blood sugar – no surprise there.

But those who took 180 mg of curcumin had significantly lower levels.

That’s pretty amazing considering what these people were eating. Foods like that make both blood sugar and insulin levels go haywire.

And they were brought right down with curcumin.

There are lots of curcumin products on the market right now.

But whatever you buy, make sure to pair up any use of curcumin with black pepper (sometimes it’s included as an ingredient in the supplement).

Black pepper’s active compound, piperine, is what makes curcumin do its magic, boosting its effectiveness. That’s because piperine shields curcumin from your damaging digestive juices and acids so it can get to your cells.

And curcumin and piperine may even help you lose stubborn weight! And as you may know, excess body weight is one of the biggest risk factors for diabetes.

To Your Health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

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