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Simple trick FORCES your body to sleep

You probably already know good sleep is one of the best ways to instantly boost your overall health.

And you probably already know at least a few of these tips:

  • Dim your lights an hour before bed
  • Get blackout drapes to keep light out of your bedroom
  • Stay off your electronic devices at least an hour before bed
  • Don’t drink alcohol too close to your bedtime
  • Turn off the TV

These are all proven, worthwhile methods—yet, many folks don’t do them because they “cut short” evening fun.

But thanks to groundbreaking research, I’ve got something new for you today…

And unlike the above list, it WON’T feel like a chore.

Stay clean and relaxed before bed

Between stress, a mind that never shuts off, and insomnia, maybe you’re trudging to bed knowing it’s going to be a while before you’re tired enough to sleep.

But this one small trick makes all the difference…

All you need to do is take a warm bath or shower 90 minutes before bedtime.

After reviewing 5,322 studies, researchers found a warm bath between 104 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit can help you get to sleep 10 minutes faster and heighten your sleep quality.

It’s that easy!

The science behind it is simple…

Your body temperature follows your circadian clock. In the afternoon, your core body temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than during sleep. About an hour before you’re supposed to go to bed (according to your body), your temperature goes down by one degree.

Now, this doesn’t happen if you’re not consistent with your sleep. You don’t have a clear circadian rhythm to tell your body it’s time for sleep.

But after your bath, your body temperature goes down. You’re forcing it to acknowledge it’s time to get some shuteye!

Commit to this every night, and you’ll finally be able to experience the FULL BENEFITS of a good night’s rest, including:

  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • A sunnier disposition
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Lower stress
  • Weight loss benefits

A simple bath can do all that… and MORE.

And if you REALLY want to see those benefits, there’s another thing you can add to your routine.

See, your body temperature isn’t the only way your body clues you in. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is typically produced about two hours before bedtime.

Again, if you’re having trouble sleeping, your circadian rhythm is undoubtedly off. You might not even be producing enough melatonin to have any impact.

That’s where a melatonin supplement can come in handy. Combined with a bath, 1-3 mg of melatonin can get your sleep back on track.

Just be sure to take melatonin AFTER your bath. In about an hour, you should be ready to drift into a relaxing, deep sleep.

To Your Health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

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