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You know that testosterone is an important hormone for men.

And we’ve all seen the advertisements pushing us to take testosterone.

But should we?

Well, there are ways to tell if you’re running low on the essential hormone.

Let me show you…

10 warning signs of testosterone deficiency

Here are the most common problems you’ll run into if your body is low in testosterone:

  1. Erection Problems: a testosterone deficiency can make it difficult to get or maintain erections. Testosterone stimulates tissue inside your penis to produce a molecule called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide starts several chemical reactions that result in an erection. If testosterone levels are too low, a man may not be able to get an erection.
  2. Hair Loss: Hair loss is a natural part of aging, but supplementing with testosterone helps with the regrowth of hair in some men. That said, beware of dihydrotestosterone, the more active form of testosterone. Estimated to be five times more potent than the regular stuff, it can actually harm hair growth.
  3. Lowered Bone Mass: You’re not going to notice this one unless you go to the doctor and get a bone density test. But you should know that testosterone helps maintain bone tissue and bone volume. Low testosterone can lead to a reduction in bone mass, making them more brittle and susceptible to fractures.
  4. Reduced Testicular Size: If you have low testosterone, you may notice a reduction in the size of your testicles. This is due to testosterone’s effect on the cells inside the testicle. More testosterone means larger cells… and therefore, larger testicles. And the opposite is true.
  5. Lowered Sex Drive: Testosterone is the hormone behind sex drive. Some lowering of sex drive is natural as men age, but that doesn’t mean you lose your sex drive completely. When you have low testosterone, you will notice a significant decrease in the desire for sex!
  6. Difficulty Sleeping: For reasons not completely understood, men with a testosterone deficiency have a difficult time falling or staying asleep. Many hormones work together and the hormone for sleep (called melatonin) can be affected by low testosterone.
  7. Reduced Muscle Mass: Testosterone plays a major role in the development of muscle mass. If you are low in testosterone, you can lose a lot of your muscle mass. This also includes loss of function and loss of strength of the muscles.
  8. Decreased Energy: Testosterone deficiency can lead to reduced levels of energy and fatigue. You know this is true for you if you’re feeling tired even after you’ve had a good rest. You may even have a decreased interest in exercise and feel lazy.
  9. Increased Body Fat: Low testosterone can lead to increases in body fat. And that in and of itself is dangerous for men, as it increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and dementia. Increased body fat also increases production of the hormone estrogen – often to levels that are damaging to men.
  10. Mood swings: If you find you’re especially irritable, you lack focus, or you feel depressed, this could also actually be a sign of low testosterone!

If these signs look familiar to you, speak with your doctor to get tested.

A test will take almost no time at all…

And if you DO find a problem, “righting the ship” will be easy—and WELL worth it for your health and happiness!

To Your Health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

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