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Pain is not something that’s easy to ignore.

And you shouldn’t, anyway. It’s a signal from your body saying something is wrong.

(That’s one of the problems with painkillers; if you’re popping pills just to make the pain go away, you’re hiding the problem—not FIXING it.)

But the one pain you should NEVER ignore is chest pain…

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why.

It can be a sign for a number of conditions, including heart disease—and of course, the risk of a heart attack.

And researchers have now discovered there’s ONE condition that virtually GUARANTEES you’re going to have a heart attack within 90 days.

That’s just THREE short months!

Today, I’m going to show you what you can do to avoid this condition at all costs.

Get this vitamin right NOW

If you have calcium deposits in your arteries, it’s time to get rid of them – right now.

First, if you’re taking a calcium supplement, it’s time to stop IMMEDIATELY if you’re not getting vitamin K2…

That’s because vitamin K2 acts as an usher for calcium. It tells calcium exactly where it needs to sit – which is NOT in your arteries!

You can get K2 from cheese, egg yolks, butter, and dark chicken meat. (For the dairy products, stay away from anything processed; it’s likely the K2 got processed right out.)

Natto, a fermented soy, is actually the best source of vitamin K2. If you don’t mind the strong smell, it’s an excellent go-to.

But besides diet, by far your BEST BET at guaranteeing yourself a consistent source of K2 is via a supplement.

Vitamin K2 and calcium are commonly grouped together, so:

  • If you’re already taking a calcium supplement, you should drop it in favor of one of these dual supplements.
  • If you’re taking a multivitamin with calcium and/or K2, you can continue taking it without fear.

Important note: K2 is NOT the same as vitamin K or vitamin K1. You won’t get the calcium ushering benefit from K1.

To Your Health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

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