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You’ve probably heard how the flu vaccine can’t protect you against coronavirus, aka COVID-19. 

In fact, it rarely even prevents the flu…  

Now, a new report finds this WORTHLESS vaccine may actually make you more vulnerable to COVID-19. 

Here’s what you need to know… 

Avoid this flu shot SCAM 

A recently published New York Times article urged Americans to hurry up and get the flu shot in preparation for the coronavirus. 

The piece advised, “Wash your hands, keep a supply of medicine, and get a flu shot.” 

However, a recent study finds the flu shot may INCREASE your risk of getting coronavirus! 

For the study, researchers compared the vaccination status of 2,880 people with non-flu respiratory viruses to 3,240 people who did not have any flu or virus. 

And they found when a person gets the flu vaccine, their immune system becomes so DERANGED they can’t respond to any other challenges. 

To put it simply: The flu shot can interfere with your immune system and make you MORE VULNERABLE to other respiratory issues… such as coronavirus! 

This wild phenomenon is known as vaccine interference and here’s how to protect yourself:  

  1. First, think twice before getting the flu shot! Not only is this vaccine dangerous with its content of toxic preservatives like mercury, it is also WORTHLESS. This year, it was found to only cover two of the four major strains of the virus in circulation in the United States. 
  1. Second, the best defense against ANY virus is to strengthen your immune system. Taking supplements like vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, transfer factor, Echinacea, and monolaurin can help youto build up your body to keep those germs out of sight. 

And don’t forget to wash your hands! I know you’ve heard it a hundred times by now, but it’s for good reason… IT REALLY WORKS. A recent study shows increased hand hygiene at airports could reduce your risk of virus by 37 percent. 

Use plenty of soap and hot water, and wash for at least 20 seconds!  

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