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Near the top of the list of things people fear most about aging is a failing heart. 

Because the older you are, the higher the risk of nasty conditions like cardiovascular disease. 

But worrying about it won’t do you any good. It won’t reduce your risk. 

Fortunately, a new study finds that you can SLASH your heart risk without lifting a finger. 

Once we make it through COVID-19 – and we WILL, folks – you’ll be more than ready to get OUT of the house.  

And what a better time than to plan a spa day, as the latest research finds one of the most relaxing things you can do is also one of the best ways to get your heart pumping! 

Sweat your way to better heart health 

Once it’s safe, a sauna session may be just the thing to bring you out of post-coronavirus social distancing and BACK into the public… 

In a recent study out of Germany, researchers measured the heart rate of 19 people during a 25-minute sauna session – and again, 30-minutes after. 

The next day, participants’ heart rate and blood pressure were monitored during a short workout on an exercise bike. 

And the results were nothing short of amazing 

Just a short sauna session increased the participants’ heart rates and blood pressure significantlyto comparable levels from a brief, moderate intensity workout! 

These results fall right in line with previous research that has found people who use the sauna the most have a much lower risk of experiencing a fatal cardiovascular event. 

Of course, that’s not all this hot secret can do. 

A sauna session also: 

  • Reduces your Alzheimer’s risk by 65 percent 
  • Induces a deeper sleep 
  • Can help fight illness 
  • Cleanses the skin 
  • Burns calories 

So, instead of being a sitting duck for cardiovascular disease, sit in a sauna as often as you can once things go back to normal. 

You’ll find saunas at spas, gyms, and even hotel fitness centers. 

And while it’s recommended you sit in a sauna for 30-minutes at a time, you may want to build up your heat tolerance slowly. 

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