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I got my first portable telephone back in the 1980s. 

I loved the thing. But it was so big and clunky, folks called it the “shoe” phone because it was almost as large as a shoe box. 

I don’t have to tell you technology has advanced – massively – since then… 

There are now an estimated 296 million cellphone users in the U.S. They fit easily in our pockets. And on average, we spend an astounding 5.4 hours a day with the gadget glued to our heads.  

But as tech changes, it’s also VITAL to learn how it affects our health. 

And the latest research I’m about to show you will make you second guess that next phone call.  

(Don’t worry; I’ve also got five easy ways to LIMIT your risk for trouble as well…) 

How cellphones are a threat to overall health 

It’s been a while since I took the opportunity to bash modern technology, so it’s long overdue that we revisit this topic. 

When it comes to cellphones, and the dangers of electromagnetic frequency and radiation exposure – we can no longer deny that people are risking their health for these things. 

5G has been dubbed the “next great leap” in speed for wireless devices – and all four major U.S. carriers have rolled out some form of it. 

Cellphone carriers may paint a rosy picture of 5G… but the truth is, it’s putting us in danger. 

The electromagnetic radiation from 3G and 4G had already been linked to nasties like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, memory loss, and much more. 

But 5G could be the worst yet. 

I can’t cover them all here, but in summary, a recent report revealed that 5G exposure can: 

  • Promote deep EMF penetration  
  • Cause mitochondrial damage 
  • Cause cancer 
  • Cause fertility damage  
  • Cause premature aging 
  • Harm your skin and sweat ducts 
  • Cause insomnia 

These findings are so scary… so disturbing… and so pronounced… and yet the mainstream has kept their lips closed on this vital information. 

The worst part? There are MANY ways you’re being exposed to radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) every day. It’s not just cellphones! 

Our Bluetooth devices… computers… microwaves… Wi-Fi… and power lines all send out levels of radiation. 

So, other than moving away from civilization, there really is no escaping electromagnetic radiation. 

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to reduce your exposure 

Here are five tips to address the many sources of EMF you are likely to encounter: 

  • Cellphone radiation emission varies by phone. You can Google which phones have the lowest levels and make the switch. 
  • Your phone releases more radiation when it has to work harder. That includes when you’re in an area that has poor reception, while driving, and when downloading large files. Turn your phone on Airplane mode when you aren’t using it – or when you don’t have a strong signal. 
  • Visit to find out how close your home is to a cellphone tower. You obviously can’t get rid of it – but you may consider moving. 
  • Hire an EMF expert to evaluate the severity of electromagnetic radiation in your home. 
  • And please, if you have to take a phone call – make sure to use a headset or speakerphone, keeping the phone away from your body. 
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