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While some types of cancers are on the decline, lung cancer is still holding steady as the second most common cancer among men and women in America. 

It’s estimated that this year alone 228,820 new cases of this aggressive disease will be diagnosed… and 135,720 of those individuals will die.  

Those aren’t good odds. 

The key to reversing this trend is to find out what’s causing the disease in the first place. 

And turns out, researchers may have just found it. 

Here’s what you need to know… 

COPD drives up your cancer risk 

According to recent research, there’s a VERY strong connection between lung cancer and a condition affecting a whopping 16 million Americans 

I’m talking about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – a chronic inflammatory lung disease. 

In the new study published in the journal Thorax, researchers reviewed data on 338,548 COPD patients for seven years. 

And they found the risk of lung cancer in never smokers with COPD is actually higher than it is in smokers who do not have COPD. 

What’s more, patients with COPD who had never smoked had more than DOUBLE the risk of lung cancer compared to individuals without COPD who have never smoked. 

Of course, the biggest risk of lung cancer was found in COPD patients who have smoked. This group had SIX TIMES the risk. 

If you’re already suffering from COPD… it’s important to be aware of this dangerous link… because now you can do something about it! 

There are some natural ways to alleviate your COPD and breathe more easily without mainstream’s dangerous drugs: 

  • Ditch cigarettes: If you haven’t already kicked the habit, what are you waiting for? If this study doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! 
  • Get moving: Exercise can rein in COPD flare-ups and even help you recover from the condition. 
  • Turn to nature: Studies have shown that Himalayan herb Rhodiola crenulata can relieve the respiratory symptoms of COPD. 
  • Try acupuncture: There’s plenty of research on how acupuncture dilates the airways and stimulates the release of compounds to benefit the lungs, which helps with COPD. 
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