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Dear Reader, 

If your ears ever ring 

If you hear phantom chirping noises that come and go… 

If your hearing has gotten worse over the past few years… 

And if you’d do ANYTHING to get back your sharp, crystal-clear hearing… Then you need to know about this news. 

Because I’m here to tell you about a breakthrough substance that could “dial down” the ringing in your ears and improve your hearing. 

Regular men and women… older folks just like you… experienced unheard of results.  

It’s a hormone breakthrough called RevitaEar, the first REAL natural treatment for occasional tinnitus.  

One of its critical ingredients is NAC-5, a natural hormone produced by your body.  

As you get older, your body stops producing as much NAC-5 as it used to. In fact, your ability to produce NAC-5 drops by a massive 80%. 

Here’s why that’s important… 

Because NAC-5 controls how wide – or narrow – your blood vessels are. And, as we know, the key to healthy, ring-free ears is healthy blood flow. 

So when NAC-5 levels go up – and boost blood flow… 

Tinnitus gets turned down 

And those “phantom” noises that interrupt your day… get quieter and quieter. 

Now, long-time Health e-Tips readers know I’m not afraid to try solutions that go against the grain. And I take very seriously giving you the best information. 

And in my more than 40 years of medical practice experience, I can tell you this simple “at home” solution is the real deal. 

This breakthrough substance could: 

  • Amplify your normal hearing; 
  • Quiet tinnitus; 
  • Cut your episodes of vertigo; 
  • And help you fall asleep in minutes. 

All because you started taking RevitaEar every night before bed. 

Imagine how it will feel to chat with your kids, grandkids, friends and family… hearing all the important details about their life. 

That’s exactly why I want you to have the opportunity to get this into your hands right away—to make the dream a REALITY. 

So today, for the first time ever, you can claim a personal supply of RevitaEar.  

And you can rest easy knowing your entire purchase is covered by the most generous money back guarantee you’ll ever see. 

To claim your RISK-FREE bottle of RevitaEar… and to silence the ringing and improve your hearing, click here. 

In Good Health, 

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D. 

PS: If you want to those hearing problems that have been nagging you to finally be a thing of the past, CLICK HERE. 

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