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Not too long after the coronavirus was first discovered back in December, labs began experimenting with possible treatments.  

Currently, however, there is still no known cure for the novel virus. 

In fact, health officials have warned that a vaccine could be months or even years away. 

But that hasn’t stopped a doctor in New York, who has taken matters in his own hands.  

Based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China, Dr. Andrew G. Weber has turned to a natural treatment for his patients.  

Here’s how it worked. 

Treating patients with intravenous vitamin C   

Doctors and researchers across the world have been desperately trying to find a treatment that works against COVID-19. 

They’ve tried antibiotics… a malaria drug… and even an old AIDs drug. But the reports on the benefits of these treatments have been mixed.  

Personally, I am open to ANY treatment that works. 

That’s why I was delighted to hear about hospitals in New York using vitamin C intravenously – something I’ve been using in my own practice for years to treat lots of different conditions – to treat their patients.  

As soon as coronavirus patients enter the hospital, Dr. Weber has been administrating 1,500mg of vitamin C 3-4 times daily.  

And again, that’s intravenously, not orally.  

His regimen is based off of reports in China of patients who did significantly better than other patients who did not receive vitamin C. 

There are several theories about how vitamin C may benefit coronavirus patients: 

  1. Very high vitamin C levels may create free radicals that can destroy viruses and bacteria. Our body’s cells have defenses against these free radicals, but viruses do not. 
  2. Serious infections use up our body’s vitamin C and other antioxidants very quickly. And by administering high levels of vitamin C, it’s able to renew your body’s antioxidant protection.  

While no studies have yet shown that intravenous vitamin C can cure coronavirus, it’s still worth noting that this wonder vitamin could be a game changer in the fight against the virus. 

In fact,intravenous vitamin C, is backed by many promising studies that prove it’s an effective treatment. I’ve been using it in my own clinic for several years to treat many different conditions! 

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