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When Dr. Wright's colleagues honored him with The Linus Pauling Award, they gave special praise to his cutting-edge health advisory, Nutrition & Healing.

This is the only alternative health newsletter I know of that counts so many doctors among its subscribers. Because it's the real stuff. The first place where you'll learn what new breakthroughs are coming down the road from natural medicine's living legend.

Everything's reported in crystal-clear language, telling you exactly how to go out and do it. So if your doctor ever questions any remedy you read about here, just whip out your newsletter and produce the proof. Any truly objective doctor can't help being impressed with the quality of Dr. Wright's research. (Warning: your doctor may ask to keep the issue!)

No other newsletter of its kind is more respected by natural physicians and actually used by them to heal their own patients. And no other newsletter will do more to heal you...

Because this isn't just 'health news' - each issue is like a complete instruction book for healing yourself. Complete with dosages. Sources for the hard-to-find nutrients Dr. Wright recommends. And all the 'pros' and 'cons' that you (and your doctor!) need to make an informed decision. And, remember, these are the treatments Dr. Wright uses on his own patients day after day.

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Just one of his discoveries could slice your health problems in half, but imagine what they all could do for you. I've only had space here to scratch the surface of what you'll find in your FREE BONUS Library.

You'll get full details in 8 jam-packed volumes - and Dr. Wright's comprehensive instructions - covering every disease and health concern, like:

  • THE 100% ARTHRITIS SOLUTION. Folks with inflammatory arthritis must be the most "patient patients" in the world--so many new drugs, so few results! But Dr. Wright has discovered an easy, painless, side-effect-free nutrition program that does what no drug can claim. It's produced results for nearly all of the hundreds of patients who've tried it. For some, it reduces the swelling and pain. For others, all of it goes away. Shouldn't you at least know about it?
  • SHRINKING UTERINE FIBROIDS. This ancient Chinese herbal therapy could make more than half of all fibroid surgeries unnecessary. In an open study, it improved the fibroids or totally normalized conditions for 60% of premenopausal women. Sure beats the knife!
  • MAKES ANGINA PAIN PLUNGE IN UP TO 77% OF PATIENTS. Time after time, this amazing natural substance has brought Dr. Wright's patients back from the brink of death to a healthy, full life. Low levels in your blood are now linked to hardened arteries, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and even obesity! Find out how to check your levels and where to get it...
  • THE PSORIASIS SENSATION. Woodrow D. tried steroid creams, 'tar' preparations, prednisone, you name it. Nothing worked for long until he tried the simple solution suggested by Dr. Wright. Now he's got normal skin (and a new girlfriend). If you're suffering, you've got to try it too.
  • EVEN IF YOU'RE IN THE LATE STAGES of a chronic condition, it's not too late to turn your health around. Read the reports of 100 lupus patients who were cured by just one of these new natural breakthroughs, and there's fantastic news too about chronic fatigue, memory loss and much more...

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