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Straight facts on stevia safety

Straight facts on stevia safety

Q: I know that you recommend stevia as an alternative to both sugar and artificial sweeteners — but I have heard that it might not be safe, especially for males. Why such conflicting stories?

JVW: Numerous studies have been done on stevia, most in Japan, and none have ever turned up anything worrisome. Natives from many countries have used this herb as a natural sweetener and yet they continue to reproduce normally, grow to average heights and weights, and even enjoy lower rates of cancer than we do in this country.

Still, the FDA is sticking to its story, which is that not enough testing has been done on stevia to warrant its approval. Meanwhile, sucralose, better known as Splenda, has been approved and mass marketed, and no studies have been done to investigate its effects on humans.

You may hear lots of things, but it’s best to stick with the facts. And right now, the facts all point to stevia’s safety. It’s just the money trail that goes in a different direction.