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New breast-cancer fighter

Breast cancer breakthrough
Brand new research reveals a new breast-cancer fighter on the block. Of course, it could be years before we see the fruits of these findings — and by the time the mainstream is through, the end product could be unrecognizable. Luckily, there’s good news for people who want to get their hands on it now.

Want to prevent — and possibly even beat — breast cancer without resorting to one of the mainstream’s dangerous drugs?

Exciting new research published in the journal Cancer Research has shown we could have a breakthrough in natural breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Just how powerful is this breakthrough? The lead researcher puts it pretty simply: “This extract can be utilized as a dietary supplement for the prevention of breast cancer.”

Momordica charantia — also known as bitter melon — has been used as a folk remedy for diabetes for generations in India, China, and Central America. Recently, though, it’s been getting attention in the U.S. for its very promising action against cancer.

Using human breast cancer cells in vitro, researchers found that bitter melon extract significantly decreased growth and induced death of breast cancer cells.

Of course, despite the results, the mainstream isn’t jumping to recommend people start supplementing with bitter melon extract (what would that do to Big Pharma sales!?). They’re taking the “wait and see” approach.

They want additional studies and are urging caution. To me, it’s just the usual double standard — rush drugs through the approval process, but question everything when it comes to natural medicine.

And of course, by the time the mainstream is done with it, who knows what kind of synthetic mess they’ll have turned this into.

The good news is this: Bitter melon is readily available. Already popular for its vitamin C and flavanoid content, you can find it in your favorite natural food store or online supplement source.

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