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The right dose of resveratrol

So what’s a “high” dose, anyway?

Q: Everything I’ve read about resveratrol says I should be taking “high” doses. What does that mean, exactly? How much is in a “high” dose?

Dr. Wright: Various experts seem to agree that 200-300 milligrams of resveratrol daily are the minimum needed for a 150-pound human to have a chance of the same longevity effect found in experiments so far.

Keep in mind that there’s no absolute proof that resveratrol will have the same effects in humans as in laboratory and animal experiments with non-human species. However, in my opinion–based on what we know so far about how resveratrol works–it is likely to offer the same benefits to humans. And since it appears quite harmless, I recommend it and even use it myself. (But, granted, that’s still not proof!)

Until recently, higher doses were hard to find, prices were high, and taking 200-300 milligrams daily was a stretch. But since news about resveratrol’s benefits has spread (and since as “approval” by los Federales isn’t an issue) doses are going up and prices are going down relatively quickly.