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Keep the New Year’s resolution–a new you in as little as 3 weeks

Keep that resolution with almost NO sweating and NO dieting?

When the ball dropped early yesterday morning, was your mind on your waistline?

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, you’re going to need a second one–to book a vacation to the Caribbean to show off your new body. You should get your tickets soon, though, because that new body could be here…up to 12 pounds lighter in as little as 3 weeks if you’re like our Dr. Wright.

Yep, you could be showing off the new you well before bathing suit season even starts!

Wait a second. That sounds like some kind of “boot camp” program–they’re always screaming about dropping pounds in as little as 3 weeks. But no–you won’t be required to drop and give some gym rat 200 push ups with this solution.

Okay, so is it a diet plan? One of those expensive mail-order programs with sad frozen food that has just enough flavor to convince you that it just might be food? Nope–you won’t need to starve on bland diet food, either.

With Dr. Wright in charge of your weight loss plan, you don’t need that expensive gym membership, and you certainly don’t need to starve.

Over the years, Dr. Wright has shared a slew of incredibly effective tips, tricks, and secrets for losing weight–and keeping it off. And he’s put together a collection of his top picks for helping you reach–and maintain–your healthy weight in a report called “12 Pounds in 3 Weeks!? Dr. Wright’s Starvation-Free and Gym-Free Weight Loss Secret.”

Does the secret work? Well, just ask Dr. Wright and his wife Holly–they’ve personally tested these techniques.

You can get a copy of “12 Pounds in 3 Weeks!? Dr. Wright’s Starvation-Free and Gym- Free Weight Loss Secret” here.

P.S. Sure that too many holiday sweets have left your teeth a minefield of pain? It could actually be a sign of a major deficiency. Keep reading.