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Switch from aluminum filled deodorant to zinc oxide

Don’t sweat it

Q: As you know, the chief exposure to aluminum for many folks is their daily dose of deodorant, soaking that aluminum through your skin all day. But trying to find a deodorant that works but contains no aluminum is quite a challenge.

Here’s the answer: zinc oxide ointment. Rub it on generously before bed and then wash it off in the morning. I don’t know why it works better this way, but it does. That will be the last time you use it for three to fourteen days, depending on how much sweating you do. And a three-ounce tube costs less than $2.00.

Dr. Wright: Thank you for apparently discovering a new use for this old standby, ordinarily used for baby’s bottoms, and as a very effective–although cosmetically interesting–sunblock. What you describe makes logical sense, as topically applied zinc is a well-known germkiller, eliminating most microorganisms on contact. Since you e-mailed this tip to us I have tried it myself, and it works for me, too!

Of course while killing germs and eliminating odor, zinc oxide does not impair the natural detoxification process of sweating. Unfortunately (or not) there’s as yet nothing safe and natural in general use that will do that. But eliminating odor is excellent, and besides, you’re probably getting a small zinc supplement with every application, too!

Thanks again for sending in this useful tip. I encourage other readers who’ve discovered new uses for safe natural items to do the same.